And Now for Something Completely Different: The Hot Sausage Company

I’ll preface this by saying that before coming to university, I was a vegetarian. Coming to university and sharing a house with nine different meat eaters as well as my partner being a meatoholic eventually made me take a nibble of some chicken. I swore to myself that from that day forward, I would only eat chicken. Why? Because I felt like I was holding onto some part of the vegetarian me. Of course I wasn’t though. I eventually branched out into different meats, some I loved and some I hated. The one meat I wasn’t particularly keen on was sausage. Maybe it was the videos I saw on how they’re made, I don’t know, but I was adamant to stay well away.

In Bath’s town, you pass numerous street stalls. One of these stalls is The Hot Sausage Company. If you’ve been to Bath then I’m sure you’ve seen it. It’s hard to miss, not just because of the titillating name, but because it’s painted vibrantly red. Whenever I had a companion with my in town, we would have a little chuckle to ourselves whenever we would walk past it. To be honest, I still smile a little when I’m near it. There’s something quaint about the stall. Maybe it’s the colour or maybe it’s the fact that it’s squatting in a beautiful Georgian city. Despite this, I’ve lived in Bath for two years and never tried their food, despite the enticing name, until now.


One day, after dragging my partner around Bath on the hunt for books we were both hungry. We walked past it when he turned us around and said he fancied one. I decided to go hungry. Sausage? Nope. I thought that nothing could compel me. However, he had smothered it in tomato sauce; my one weakness. I should say I have an odd obsession with the condiment (I often disgust my family on Christmas day by mixing it with gravy. Honestly, try it!). He held it up towards me and I, my eyes on that red sauce, almost instinctively opened my mouth and took a bite. It was delicious although it didn’t have any toppings. It consisted of the bun, the sausage and a whole lot of tomato sauce, but it was so flavoursome. The sausage was juicy and smoky. It certainly was a hot sausage temperature wise, but it also had a bit of spice to it. Not too much and not too little. I’m not too keen on overly spicy food so it was great for me. The bun was not at all stale; it was bouncy with a bit of flakiness on the edges. The sauce…well we’ve already established that I would be biased on that count, but it was perfect.

I can’t think of a negative to say about this company. Even the location is good being situated near Bath Abbey. I suppose the only thing to say about it really is that I’m not entirely sure when it opens. I’ve been in town on a weekday in the afternoon when there was no one manning the sausage hut. So if you go into Bath with a mission for some tasty sausage, you might end up disappointed.

On a final note, it should be mentioned that the staff were extremely friendly. I know some people won’t particularly care about this as long as the food is good, but if you’re like me then customer service matters. Not because I feel as though I’m superior, but I don’t like being treated as an inferior. I’ve been to establishments where it appeared that the staff hated their job and consequently you in return. It’s not a nice feeling. The Hot Sausage Company makes you feel welcome. They don’t just thrust a bun at you and tell you to clear out of the way.

I’ve made a few food reviews in the past and decided to start posting them. I’m sure many fellow book reviewers know that it’s essential to have snacks and food whilst reading…it’s hard work! That being said, if you’re in Bath with some serious stomach rumbles, I would suggest to you to get yourself a nice hot sausage. See their website linked below for details.


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